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Jinan is the capital city as well as the political, economic and culture center of Shandong Province. It lies in the mid-western part of Shandong Province, with Mount Tai in the south and Yellow River in the north. Jinan, also called "the city of springs", is a beautiful city famous for a large number of springs. Photo of Jinan Botanical Garden
Jinan is a sub-province level city approved by the state. It covers an area of 8,227 square kilometer and a population over ten million. It is located in North Temperate Zone, and has a continental monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. The annual average temperature is 14°C, and average annual rainfall is 650~700 mm.
Great emphasis has placed on the leading industries in Jinan. Based on its well-developed industries of machinery, textile, iron & steel, chemicals, light industry, food, and construction materials, and guided by state policy on industry development, Jinan is making efforts to build four key industry sectors (the industries of machinery, vehicles, electronics and chemicals) as the leading part of its industry force. Besides, Jinan is also an important collecting and distributing center for all kinds of goods in Shandong.
Jinan was one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Cultural relics representing the Shun Culture and the Xihe Culture (7,300-8,400 years ago), especially pottery, have been discovered in the city. While carrying forward the old cultural traditions, Jinan's modern culture is developing vigorously. At present, there are 16 specialized art performance troupes and over 100 folk art organizations, which perform luju and liuzi operas, acrobatics, quyi (folk art forms including ballad singing, story telling, comic dialogues, etc.), yangge drum dancing and other traditional performances with strong local flavors.
Jinan is known as "City of Spring". Underground streams from Mount Tai flow along the limestones strata to Jinan, where they are halted by igneous rocks and spurt out in the form of numerous springs. Of the 72 famous springs here, the Baotu, Pearl, Black Tiger and Fiver-Dragon Pond springs are the best known. Other famous tourist attractions include the Daming Lake Park, Thousand Buddha Hill, Shandong Provincial Museum and so on. Jinan is the traffic hub in north China with high-quality infrastructures in railway, expressway and airlines. So it is very convenient to go and pay a visit. The beautiful sceneries, local products and local food will surely draw your attention.

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Shandong Provincial Museum,
Thousand-Buddha Hill

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