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Dragon Palace Cave

Dragon Palace Cave, located at the foot of the Black Dragon Hill (Wulong Mountain), 30km to the southwest of Pengze County, Jiujiang, a natural underground palace.

Dragon Palace Cave is a limestone cave with a length of over 2,700 meters. This natural cave is very much like the "Dragon King's Palace in the East Sea" described in Chinese fairy tales. The cave is divided into several areas, including a corridor, the east palace, the west palace, a great hall, and Dragon Pool. In the hall there are hundreds of stalactites like waterfalls. If you knock them lightly, you will hear low or high ringing sound like musical instruments. Some are like piano sound and some are like drum sound.

There is a place 1,000 meters away from the cave entrance with 80 meters long and 60 meters wide. The throne of Dragon Emperor places in the center with stone drums, stone furnace and towering stone pillars around, very magnificent and solemn like a luxuriant Dragon Palace. This unique Dragon Palace Cave collects the natural and artificial ingenious and brilliant conception.

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