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Mt. Lushan

Mt. Lushan, located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, faceing the Yangtze River to the north and bordering on the east with Poyang Lake, is one of the most famous summer resorts in China, and was listed as one of the World Natural Heritages by the UNESCO.

With its peaks rising 1,474 meters above sea level, Mt. Lushan is attractive for its mighty peaks, roaring waterfalls, mysterious cloud sea and philosophical religions. It is cool in summer and covered with silver-white snow in winter.

Mt. Lushan has many scenic spots. It was among the first Key Scenic Districts of China and was one of the districts bestowed the titles "forty Best Scenic Districts of China" "AAAA-rated Tourism District" and etc.

With 22 waterfalls, 18 rapid torrents, 14 lakes and ponds, The Three Cascade Waterfall is the most outstanding water attraction. Originating in Dayue Mountain, the spring angles around the backside of Five-Old-Men Peak and pours into Nine Tier Gully, crashing twice upon rocks, and then converges into a torrent, and drops once again. Driven by the gully wind, the tiny drops dance in the misty air, sparkling in the sunlight and falling like countless dazzling pearls.

Standing 1,436 meters above sea level, Five Old Men Peak has the most splendid scene in Mt. Lushan. There are five little peaks coming in every shape before the peak. The narrow path leads to the top of the peak, where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Poyang Lake amidst the sea of clouds. Seeing from this, there is splendid view of sunrise.

Hanpo valley is the best place to watch sun rise and the sea of clouds. The valley gained the name because it is like a mouth to exhaust vast lake water. As the sun rises above the lake, the whole mountain is bathed in brilliant morning light.

In addition, many other attractions are worth to visit, Such as Flower Path, Brocade Valley, Immotal's Caverm, Grand heavenly pool, Dragonhead Cliff, Suspension Bridge of Stone, Gorge valley, Academy of White Deer Cave, Yellow Dragon Pool, Black Dragon Pool, Three Ancient Trees, Lulin Lake and Botanical Garden, ect.

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