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Piba Pavilion

Piba Pavilion, located near the Xunyang River, the part of the Yangtze River located north of Jiujiang, is the place that visitors travel and rest since ancient time.

Piba Pavilion was first built in Tang Dynasty. The legends has it that Bai Juyi, the poet of Tang Dynasty was appointed the Minister of War in Jiangzhou (todays Jiujiang). At an autumn moonlit night, he saw a woman playing the piba in a boat when he came back from seeing off his friend. He was moved by the experience of the woman and created the poet Piba Xing. Due to the beautiful Xunyang River and the Piba Xing won universal praise, people built a Piba Pavilion at the bank of the river.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Qianlong Emperor sculptured a statue of Bai Juyi in the Piba Pavilion to remember Bai Juyi, But it was destroyed by frequent wars in Xianfeng Year.

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