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Stone Bell Hill

Stone Bell Hill, rising at the mouth of Poyang Lake in Pengze County where the lake and the Yangtze River meet, is a symbol of Jiujiang.

Stone Bell Hill is divided Lower Stone Bell Hill and Upper Stone Bell Hill. The hills are shaped like two huge bells. The water lapping against the rocks in the caves at the bottom of the cliffs gives out the sound of bells. A legend says that the Jade Emperor,
The supreme Daoist deity, instructed Elephant God to find two bells suitable for his palace. Elephant God finally found two stone hills shaped like bells. When he delivered them to the palace, he dropped the bells at the mouth of Poyang Lake and they have remained there ever since.

Stone Bell Hill was once a military strategic spot. Taiping Rebel commander, Shi Dakai, choosing the mouth of the lake as a defensive position, built a stronghold on the hill.
The remains of the stronghold can still be seen now.

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