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Tibet Museum

Gyantse, The Tibet Museum is situated at the southeast corner of the Norbulingka Road in Lhasa. Covering an area of 23,500 square meters, the museum is the first large-size comprehensive modern museum in Tibet, equipped with many modern facilities. The museum opened in October 1999 and the name was inscribed by former Chinese chairman Jiang Zemin.

The Tibet Museum is a perfect combination of Chinese and Tibetan architectural styles. Stepping in the Prelude Hall, you will be surprised at the colorful ornamented beams, pillars, lintels, banners and wall hangings. The museum consists of three sections: a main exhibition hall, a folk cultural garden and administrative quarter. The main hall includes two exhibition halls, displaying the splendid history of Tibet and its abundant natural resources.

The folk cultural garden houses five small exhibition halls that show Tibetan religion, folk custom, treasures, and arts and crafts. The Tibet Museum possesses a rich collection of cultural relics, including various types of cultural relics of prehistoric period, title-conferring documents issued by the feudal dynasties of past ages, seals of authority, gold albums, gifts granted by emperors.

The museum houses a lot of status of Buddha, Bodhisattvas and figures. Rare sutras written on pattra leaves and birch bar, and manuscripts written with gold power, silver power, an coral power are on show. Various printed Sanskrit and Tibetan scriptures and colorful tangkas of various painting genres will excite your curiosity. You will feast your eyes on unique hand handcrafts, costumes, jewelry, gold ware, silver ware an jade ware.

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