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Black Dragon Pond

Black Dragon Pond lies in the west of Elephant Hill of the northeast corner of Lijiang Ancient Town. It was first built in Emperor Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty in 1737. Emperor Qianlong once obliged a title “Jade Spring Dragon God”; therefore, the Black Dragon Pond is also called Jade Spring Park.
Jade Spring Park has four scenic spots including the Jade River, Dragon Pond, Limpid Brook and Mountain Forest. The park has also assembled the construction group of the ancient Naxi people. Moon-embracing Tower, Relief Forest and Five-phoenix Tower built in Ming dynasty are well preserved under the protection of the local government. What’s more, one could also overlook the beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain inside the park.
Covering an area of 760,000 square meters, the lake inside the park is shaped like a crescent. Similarly with other park, Jade Spring Park has verdant old trees and delicate pavilions. However, it is also has its own unique charms, since it is the location of the Research Institute of the Lijiang Dongba Culture, where stores about 20,000 books of Dongba Religion of the Naxi People. If you are interested in Dongba Character or Dongba culture, this place should not be missed. Lijiang Museum is also a very good place for people to understand the folk customs, history and culture of Lijiang.

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