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Lao Jun Mountain

Lao Jun Mountain is located in the conjuncture of the Lijiang, Jianchuan and Lanping County. It belongs to the Hengduan Mountain Ranges. With Jinsha River flowing in its left and Lancang River in its right, the mountain range is surrounded as a half-circle, which just like the horse hoof shaped furnace of the God---Tai Shang Lao Jun (an imaginary character in Chinese legendary). Hence, the mountain got the name Lao Jun Mountain. And it was once called “The Ancestors of All the Mountains in Yunnan Province” by historians.
Covering an area of 715 square kilometers, the Lao Jun Mountain Scenic Area constitutes many unique scenic spots as the Ninety-nine Dragon Pond, Double Lake of the Jinsichang, Danxia Physiognomy of Liming, Xinzhu Natural Alpine Botanical Garden and so on. In the northeast part of Lao Jun Mountain with an altitude over 3800 meters, there are a large number of lakes and swamps scattered like a string of pearls. That is the so-called “Ninety-nine Dragon Pond”. The water of the ponds is mainly from the thawing snow in spring and rainfall in summer. The water is limpid and tranquil. Once shinning by the sun and flowers, the surface of the lake will reflect beautiful colors. Besides, people who visit Lao Jun Mountain Scenic Area could have the chance a see the wonder in Liming Village that is about two months’ time before or after midwinter, there could view sunrise and sunset three times in one day. Botanical Garden is also a good place for visitors, at where people could see verdant old trees, limpid brooks, waterfalls, green lawns and beautiful flowers. The botanical garden has assembled thousands of plants within the small area, just because it has a unique physiognomy with a large range of altitude from 2,350 to 3,850 meters. All in all, Lao Jun Mountain Scenic Area is a good place worth visiting.

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