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The Ancient Town of Lijiang

 Lijiang Ancient Town is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with an altitude of 2400 meters. With its strong cultural and historical background and beautiful natural scenes, the ancient town of Lijiang does not only reputes as a national historical and cultural city in 1986, but also listed as the World Cultural Heritage in 1997.
The ancient town is also known as Dayan Town which was first built in the Southern Song Dynasty with a history about 800 years. In the remote past, it was already inhabited with tribal people. In 1253, Kublai Khan, the Mongol chief, stationed his troops here on his southward march to conquer the State of Dali. For the next 500 years, to the early days of the Qing Dynasty, the place was ruled by a hereditary succession of chieftains from the Mu clan of the Naxi people, under the jurisdiction of the imperial court. It has known as a critical military and political site since past dynasties as well as the important cultural and economical center.
The construction of the town is different from any other ancient towns and cities of China. The town has no city walls and regular network of roads. It was built by the ancestors of the Naxi people according to their unique folk customs and natural conditions. The town has favored with plentiful sunlight, an east wind and clear spring water, which flows in three streams and reaches every family. The streets are paved with the local stone slabs, which do not get muddy in the rainy season and are free of dust in the dry season. Many stone bridges and arches in the city were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties and orderly roads and lanes extend to four directions from the central square. Residential houses are made of timber; most have a screen wall in front and some have a quadruple courtyard. Local people plant flowers in them. Some times, when people walking in the street, the flowing water, stone bridges and rows of wooden houses may give them a feeling that they are touring in a beautiful water village of Jiangnan. Square Street (Sifang Jie), which locates in the center of the city, is a place that visitors could not be missed. It has been a famous trade market since ancient times. So at there, visitors could buy some beautiful and delicate souvenirs with strong folk customs.
Lijiang has been a famous tourist destination in recent years. It has attracted numerous visitors both at home and abroad. With relatively completed tourist accommodations and facilities, the ancient town of Lijiang is a very good choice for tourists.


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