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Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in the western part of Henan Province, Luoyang isPhoto of Luoyang Longmen Grotto an ancient city and a capital of 13 ancient dynasties since the Xia Dynasty some 4000 (2200-1750BC) years ago. It was considered to be one of the cradles of the Chinese civilization. The Chinese government has paid special attention to protect this historic city, although its ancient sites have lost much of their original grandeur through so many changes in history. The city is named Luoyang because it lies in the south of the Luo River. It has a total area of 15,208 square kilometers, including 544 square kilometers of urban area, and it has a population of 6.1million, 1.35 million of which are city inhabitants. Its GDP per capita was ¥13845 (ca. US$1670) in 2003, ranked no. 152 among 659 Chinese cities.   
Luoyang is blessed with a favorable geographic location and convenient transportation. She enjoys a mild climate with a clear distinction between the seasons. The yearly average temperature is 14.20C and the annual rainfall is 546mm. It neighbours Zhengzhou in the east and Sanmengxia city in the west, on the opposite side of the Yellow River in the north is Jiaozuo, and Pingdingshan. Nanyang lies in the south of the city. Luoyang is 179 kilometres long from east to west and 168 kilometres wide from the south to the north. Luoyang's terrain slopes down from west to east in which there are many mountains and hilly lands. Mountain areas occupies 45.5%; hilly land occupies 40.7%; the plain occupies 13.8%. Around Luoyang,there are Yushan, Mangshan, Qingyaoshan, Jingzishan, Zhoushan, Yingshan,Longmenshan, Xiangshan,Wananshan, Shouyangshan, Songshan mountains; more than ten rivers such as the Yellow River, the LuoRiver, theYi River, the Qing River, the Ci River, the Tieluang River, the Jian River and the Chang River all flow in Luoyang: not only does Luoyang enjoy a good name for traffic convenience but also she enjoys amilitary importance, and thus it has always been an ideal place for kings of many dynasties to build their capitals.
Luoyang is a place filled as many as 32 nationalities, Han nationality has 6.02 million, occupying 98.8%, other minority’s amounts to 80 thousand, occupying 1.2%. The largest minority is Hui nationality, which has a population of 60 thousand, occupying more than 70% of the minorities.
Luoyang is very rich in mineral resources, which is characterized by large reservation and convenient extraction. 55 kinds have already been ascertained, such as Mo, aluminium, wolfram, coal, sulphur, silica and the like. Rich mineral resources have laid a solid foundation for the development of energy, metallurgy, building materials and chemical industry.
Through more than forty years of construction, Luoyang has laid a good foundation for industry.During the first five-year plan period, 7 of the 156 key projects werein Luoyang. Large-scaled economic construction has made Luoyang a new industrial base. At present, there are 36 kinds of industries of 5050 enterprises, with machinery, electronics, metallugy, building materiales,chemicals, textile, food as its mainstay industries. No.1 Tractors & Engineering Corporation, Luoyang Bearing (group) Corporation, Zhongxin Heavy Machinery Corporation and Luoyang Fufa Glassworks (group) as the mainstay of their respctive trades, play animportant role in the development of national economy.
"If one wishes to learn stories about the development and decay both at present and in history, it will be enough to study Luoyang." The 6,100,000 people in Luoyang are working hard with enterprising spirits and enthusiasm to expedite reform and opening to the outside world for a modern industrious and tourist city with fairly developed science, technology and education based upon its long history and culture.

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