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Ancient City Wall

Pingyao Ancient City Wall is the most well-preserved wall among the ancient historical and cultural cities in China. It was listed by UNESCO in its World Heritage in 1997.

Pingyao Ancient City Wall was first built in Xizhou Xuanwang period (827-728BC) when warrior Yinjipu had it built with earth and mud to defend the city against enemies. It was expanded in the Ming Dynasty. The city wall is square, 10 meters high, 5 meters wide, and 5.4 kilometers in circumference. There are all together 72 towers and 3000 crenels, signifying the confucious 3000 followers and 72 excellent deciples.

Pingyao Ancient City Wall is called Tortoise City by local people, because the south gate and the north one are like the head and the tail of a tortoise, and the four gates of the east gate and the west are like its four feet. With the out side gate extended a bit out of the inside southern gate and two wells dug outside on either side, the tortoise city seems, to have its own head and its two eyes. The way of the north gate is crooked and perfects the pattern of the whole city as a tortoise crawling forward.

Pingyao Ancient City Wall is called " the First City in North China" by many scholars. It is now one of the state priority protection units for relics.

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