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Qiao Family's Compound

Qiao Family's Compound is located 60 kilometers south of Taiyuan, and 20 kilometers north of Pingyao. This Compound is billed as an emblem of the Shanxi culture that thrived as a result of Burgeoning local commerce.

Qiao Family's Compound was built in 1756 and used to be the residence of Qiao Zhiyong, who was a famous businessman during the Qing Dynasty. Covering an area of 8,725 square meters, the Qiao Family's Compound includes 6 big courtyards, 19 small courtyards, and 313 rooms. An 80 meter (87 yards) long passageway runs from east to west, dividing the complex in halves. The compound's inner courtyards and passageways have been designed to form the shape of the Chinese character for the words 'shuang xi' (double happiness). The compound is contained within a 10 meter (33 feet) high wall that has parapets and battlements on the top. The architecture has virtually an encyclopaedic range, displaying a vast array of contrasting roof styles.

Now, Qiao Family's Compound has become the 'Jin and Shang Culture Museum', which is reputed as a bright pearl of North China's residential architecture.

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