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Putuoshan Tour

Putuoshan is located in the east of Zhoushan city and belongs to PutuoshanZhejiang Province. The Island is one of the larger islands in Zhoushan Archipelago. With the total coverage of twenty square kilometers, most part of Putuoshan area is pristine nature. Besides, the representative symbol of the Island- Putuoshan Mountain is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism. Putuoshan city is a perfect tourist city in China. The island’s scenic beauty means it is the setting for temples and other religious buildings. Mountain Putuoshan is also reputed as the first pure and clean place. Travelers can find the famous Guanyin Temple in the Putuoshan. There has many beaches among Hundred Step Beach and Thousand Step Beach, you can enjoy the deckchairs, parasols and all water activities. It will be a nice trip to go in Putuoshan.
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Best Season of Putuoshan Tour
Putuoshan enjoys the similar weather with Hangzhou. It has a subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild and moist. Four seasons in Putuoshan are different. April to October, namely, spring and autumn are the best season to visit Putuoshan. June, July and August are the rainy season in Putuoshan. In September and October the weather is quite clean and clear. Not so cold or hot, autumn is the best time for sightseeing. It is cold in winter since there has no heating system in Putuoshan and you will feel fiercely cold in this season.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Take long-sleeve and overcoat in spring and autumn. The weather would be nice in those seasons. Sunshine is always shows in daytime. It would be warm. As mentioned before, there will be some rain during summer, except bring some summer clothe such as T-shirts, shorts and Putuoshanskirts, do not forget to bring an umbrella with you in case of the sudden rain and typhoon. Winter is cold in Putuosha; take some warm clothes to keep warm, such as down jacket, sweater and gloves.

Accommodation of Putuoshan Tour
There will be some nice accommodations in Putuoshan which can cater all the needs of different guests. Hotel ranging from five stars to three stars are all available to choose. We also have some cheaper ones for the budget travelers. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Traffic: Ways to Get in Putuoshan
The transport to Putuoshan is quite easy. Passenger vessels reach Putuoshan directly from Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou and Shenjiamen. A high-speed hydrofoil went into operation between Ningbo and Putuoshan in June 1990.
Putuoshan Airport has airlines to Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Jinjiang, Guangzhou and Shantou. Cars and busses can reach Shenjiamen by ferry.
Internal Transport: Putuoshan has a convenient transportation system; the roads on the island have formed a belt. The central bus stop is close to Puji Temple; look for Multi-Treasure Pagoda, a small, three-storey tower. Bus one takes you to the main ferry quay (ma tou) and then south to the big statue of Guanyin. From there you can walk to the 'Don't Want to Leave' Temple, Purple Bamboo Temple and the Guanyin Footprint. Bus Two goes to the same ferry quay, the big statue, and then north to the Fayu Temple. From Fayu Temple you can get another bus to the ropeway up to the Hui Ji Temple.

Putuoshan Tour Tips
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Putuoshan and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
PutuoshanFood: Due to its seaside location, eating in Putuoshan is famous for seafood. There has abundance seafood, including Yellow Croaker, clam, cuttlefish, crab, mussel, striped shrimp and all kinds of seashells. If you are a vegetarian, go to those temples in Putuoshan, you can find nice vegetarian food in them. They are also been praised by the eaters both in domestic and abroad. The other advantage is all the vegetarian foods are not so expensive, and it feels different compared with other foods.
Travelers can find local foods in some hotels and scenic area. Seafood Garden, Front Temple, Back Temple and Nantian Gate are the popular place to find nice snacks in Putuoshan. Shenjiamen night gear is a good place to go for seafood. This place has attracted numerous tourists from both domestic and aborad.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Putuoshan is abundant with the famous "4 sea fish” products in China, among which the yellow croaker and the cattle fish are particularly the most famous. For visitors to Putuoshan, it is a good idea to buy the fresh marine products during the busy fishery season in midsummer. "Fingered citron" is a peculiar shellfish produced in Putuoshan. Visitors have the chance to taste it in every August.  Besides, "Buddha melon", Yunwu tea, South Sea laver, Kwan-yin daffadilly, stone cauliflower, black bamboo, etc. are all special local products of Putuoshan. Yunwu tea is a famous tea in Putuoshan. It is collected from a wild tea tree in Putuoshan. Those who like tea could try it in the city.
Festivals and Customs: Putuoshan Nanhai Kwan-yin Culture Festival is held in November every year. It is a Buddhist festival held in Putuoshan. There will be many activities host associated with Buddhism such as pray and discharge lamp in the river. People would get deep understanding of traditional “kwan-yin culture”in China during the visit and they saw the current situation and wishes for kindness, peace-loving and working and living in peace and contentment.
There are also other festivals the same with traditional Chinese festivals in Putuoshan.

PutuoshanPutuoshanRecreation in Putuoshan
Travelers can go sightseeing, visit temples and go to the beach for recreation. Climb Putuo Mountain is also a good idea. As for nightlife, Shenjiamen night gear is a nice place to go for local snacks and enjoy night sceneries. Usually travelers can take speedboat to go this place. Taking the boat itself could be an exciting experience during the trip. Watching the sun rising in the peak of the mountain is really romantic for both young and old. The other indispensable activity in Putuoshan is going to the temples for worship the Buddha. Various temples with different atmosphere will move you in deep and make you feel peaceful in heart.

Must-see Attractions of Putuoshan Tour
Puji Temple: puji Temple is located on the top of the Baihua Peak. The temple is known as Qian Si. Built in Song Dynasty, it is one of the three biggest temples on Mt. Putuo. The floor area of the temple is about 26,000 square meters and it sits in the north facing the south. Along the central axis there are the Yubei Hall, the Hall of Heavenly King, the Hall of Yuantong, which is the main hall of the temple and the most important hall for the whole Mt. Putuo, the depository of Buddhist texts, and the Hall of Abbot, and so on. Besides, near the main hall there is the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, and the guest rooms, and so on. In addition, there are also nearly 200 halls, pavilions and rooms. There is also a pond, known as ''Fangsheng Chi'', in the front of the temple, which is named Haiying Pond.
Purple Bamboo Forest: Purple Bamboo Forest is located on the topside of the Cave of Tidal Sound. In the earlier days it was called 'listening to the tides temple'. In the Qing dynasty during the reign of Guanshu it was renamed to Zizhulin. It was a few times rebuild, the last time was in 1990. The rebuilding lasted 3 years.The temple has 3 main buildings. There is also a thousand armed, thousand eyed Guanyin inside.
PutuoshanHuiji Temple: Huiji Temple is located on the top of the Foding Hill of Mt. Putuo. It is one of the three biggest temples in Mt. Putuo. The layout of the temple is irregular, but has the characteristic style of gardens in South China. And the temple is surrounded by many ancient trees and some of them are rare valuable plants for viewing and admiring. Besides, in the southeast there is the Baihua Peak, and from its southern cliff you can see the four big characters "Buddhist Country of Sea and Heaven", which are inscribed on the hill.
Fayu Temple: Fayu Temple is also called Hou Temple. It is located on the left top of the Baihua Hill. The Temple is one of the three biggest temples on Mt. Putuo. The temple was built in 1580 during the Ming Dynasty, and it covers an area of 33,408 square meters with 294 palaces that have been preserved.
Potential take the mountain temples and the whole temple is arranged on the six various levels. From the gate of the hill, the layers ascend one by one. And on the central axis there is the Hall of Heavenly King, and then at the back is the Hall of Jade Buddha. Between the two halls, there is the Bell Tower, and then the Guanyin Hall, the Yubei Hall, the Great Buddha's Hall, the depositary of Buddhist sutra, and the Abbot Hall are behind. Besides, the Guanyin Hall is also called the Hall of Nine Dragons, famous for its delicate and vivid carving.

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