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China Folk Culture Villages

The China Folk Culture Villages, situated near Shenzhen Bay, is adjacent to Splendid China. It was built and opened to the public in 1991. The whole area includes 24 life- sized villages of 21 different nationalities. It covers an area of over 200,000 square meters. This is a first place to showcase folk arts, culture and architecture of china's 56 nationalities.
Geographically speaking, all ethnic groups are distributed in different parts of China with the resulting difficulty of experiencing each group's architectural styles, festivals and tasting their snacks during only one visit. In addition you can watch carnival of national arts as well as take part in the singing and dancing of different nationalities and the on-the-spot demonstrations of handicrafts.
In the village, you have chance to appreciate the reproduce many china's land marks in the reduced size. Such as the Stone Forest in Yunnan, the Hainan Coconut Tree Forest, the Ancient Nanbin Banyan, the 1,000 Eye/1,000 Hand Buddha Statue and the Memorial Stone Archways in Huizhou. There is even a laser musical fountain. This village is distinct for slightly rolling terrain feature. The lakes, rivers and waterfalls are all arranged, and far more interesting thing is that you can take a vehicle or a boat to hop from one village to another to experience different nationalities. At the same time, you cannot miss the local delicacies with typical ethnic flavors.
Some showcases of distinctive architecture. Such as The stone construction from Buyi ethnic group, distributed mainly in the Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces, is a wonderful stone world. The simple furniture such as tables, stoves and basins are made of stone as it the stone-paved path. When you come to the Mosuo people's yard, you will find that the prototype of modern flats originated from the Mosuo people's living structures.
Some showcases of distinctive festivals. For example the Water-Splashing Festival from Dai nationality, water is splashed on each other, and it is said that the more water the better to get the thorough soak. They believe they drive away the misfortune and pray for good luck in this way. The dragon-boat contest is also the most important event in Dai people's lunar calendar in each spring.

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