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Eastern Han Tomb in Leitai Temple

Eastern Han Tomb of Leitai Temple is located in the Wuwei City, which once occupied a strategic position on the famous Silk Road in Gansu province. In 1969 a farmer discovered this tomb dating from the East Han Dynasty .It was then became a main tourist attraction in the city.

The tomb comprises of 19.34 m long passage, 3 coffin chambers and 3 side chambers. 231 gold, silver, bronze, iron, jade, bone, pottery articles, 99 bronze warriors and horses were excavated here. Among them the Bronze Galloping Horse is the most valuable, which known as in Chinese "Ma Chao Long Que". The horse is in a full gallop supported on just one foot upon the back of a bird in flight. The statuette is circa 35 centimeters high 45 centimeters long and 7 kilograms weight. The prototype is exhibited in the Gansu Provincial History Museum.

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