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Maijishan Grottoes

Maijishan Grottoes lies on the Maiji Mountain, southeast of Tianshui County, Gansu Province. The hill gets its name from its giant, wheat-pile shape, and the Grottoes are in this perpendicular mountain cliff. It is one of the three largest grotto sites in Gansu, besides Binglingsi and Mogao.

The construction of the grottos lasted from 4th century to 19th century. There are 194 existing caves apart from one-third have been crumbled by earthquakes and erosion, in which about 7800 clay and stone statues and 1300 square meters of murals are preserved. The statues are all vivid and full of flavor of life. The sculptures ranging from the 16-meter big to the 10cm small are the paragons of ancient Chinese clay sculpture. The 16-meter Buddha that is situated high up on the mountain is the most prominent sculpture.

Walking from many winding walkways and spiral stairs, with the panorama below, the travelers would gasp in admiration.

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