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Sangke Prairie

Wei-Jin Art Gallery is located about 15 kilometers northeast of Jiayuguan, Gansu Province. There are over 1,400 tombs built between 220 AD and 419 AD, during the Wei and Jin Dynasties. It is known as the largest subterranean art gallery in the world, and has attracted a number of tourists from both in and outside the country.

since Wei-Jin Art Gallery was excavated in 1972, now only Grave 6 and Grave 7 are open for tourism. Entering the stone tomb, you will find two or three chambers of each tomb. Because most tombs are of families, housing bodies of three or four generations. These chambers are connected by vivid painting gallery. The corridors were paved with tiles in different patterns including cloud, water, fire, gods and weird animals. The exquisite murals on the inner chamber walls show the contemporary carefree life of master and mistress, and servant's hard working They also reflect the political, cultural, military, and scientific developments of the Wei and Jin Dynasty.

From this unmixed Chinese realism art guests may have an insight into Chinese feudal society.

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