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Temple of Mystery

Temple of Mystery (Xuanmiaoguan) is located on Guanqian Street in the center of Suzhou City. It is a charming old temple that dates back to the 3rd century.

Temple of Mystery was originally built in the Jin Dynasty and named Zhenqin Taoist Temple. It was rebuilt in the Southern Song Dynasty and renamed "Xuanmiaoguan Temple" in the Yuan Dynasty. The most important hall in the temple is Sanqing Hall,
which was considered to be one of the oldest Daoist temple halls in China. The statues here have a high degree of artistic detail, excellent scale, solemn facial expressions, and dignified postures.

Temple of Mystery also contains painter of the Tang Dynasty Wu Daozi's painting and the calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty Yanzhenqing's calligraphy.

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