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Suzhou Tourism Map

Suzhou tourism map is designed by Chinatravelkey Team.
The map is helpful for travelers to know the location of attractions, hotel, Suzhou Airport and Suzhou Train Station.

Travelers may find the following attractions:

Downtown Suzhou:Blue Wave Pavilion, Fishing Master's Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Hanshan Temple,
Tiger Hill, Grand Canal, Lingyanshan Mountain, Panmen, Shantang Street, Tiger Hill Wetland Park

Travelers may find train stations in Suzhou: 
1. Suzhou Railway Station.
2. Suzhou Park Station.
3. Suzhou West Station.

It is about 25 kilometers from Suzhou city center to Tongli Water Town and 45 kilometers to Zhouzhuang Water Town.

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