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Taiyuan is the capital city as well as the industrial, political and economic and cultural center of the Shanxi Province. It is also a historical city with more than 2500 years. With an area of 6,988 square kilometer and a population of 3.4 million, the city lies in the center of the Shanxi Province. Photo of Taiyuan Courtyard Qiao Family
The geography in Taiyuan mainly features in hills and mountains, with the Taihang Mountain Ranges in east and the Luliang Mountain in west and an alluvial apron in central and southern regions. The Fenhe River extends through the territory of Taiyuan City from the north to the south. Taiyuan city enjoys a continental climate in North Temperate Zone. The annual temperature is 9.5 °C and the annual precipitation is 479mm. It is dusty and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool and comfortable in autumn and dry and cold in winter.
The national economy in Taiyuan City is developing rapidly, coordinately and healthfully. It has been built to possess a complete industrial system with various of industries as the pillars of energy, metallurgy, machinery and chemical, and other industries as textile, light industry, medicine, electronics, food, building materials, precise instruments, etc. Taiyuan is abundant in natural resources, such as iron, lead, coal, quartz, gypsum, vanadium, clay, nitrogen, limestone, manganese, copper, aluminum, plaster stone and sulphur, etc. Taiyuan has proved the abundant reserves of raw coal. Iron ore resources are widely distributed in the region, with a fair abundance of reserve. Its gypsum enjoys a high reputation in market for its excellent quality. With the correct leading of the government policy, the Taiyuan city will surely has a prosperous future.
Taiyuan is a culture and historic city with a long history of more than 2,500 years. It was first built in 497 B.C. in Spring and Autumn Period and was called Jinyang at that time. Though the next thousand years, it was chosen as the capital and the prefecture in several dynasties. Thus, we can see that the importance of the city. The city is also full of historic relics and tourist attractions, such as the Holy Mother Hall in Jinci Temple, the Grottoes on Tianlong Mountain, the Taoist rites on Dragon Mountain, the Chongshan Monastery, Chunyang Taoist Palace, Mt.Wutai, Yingze Park, Twin Pagoda Temple (Shuangta Si), Baiyun Temple, and the emperor of the Tang Dynast (618 -970) Li Shimin's handwritten tablet inscription of"Zhenguang Baohan" (An Inscription with Preface to the Ancestral Temple of the State of Jin) in Jinci Temple, etc. All of the above attractions are worth visiting and when you visit the city, you can also enjoy the famous local food such as the Tou Nao, the Steamed Dumpling, Sausages, Mutton Soup, the pared noodles and the local venigar. You can also buy the traditional specialties such as the lacquer ware and the Taiyuan jade carving. The local wine Fen Wine (Fen Jin) and Zhuye Qing Wine (Zhuye Qing Jiu) are well known in China, you can have a taste.

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Chongshan Temple,Jinci Temple,Mt. Wutai,Tianlong Grottoes,Twin Pagoda Temple,Yingze Park

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