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Tianlong Grottoes

Lying 40 km in the north west of Taiyuan, Tianlong Mountain is a part of Lvliang Mountain range and an altitude of l,700 meters. This mountain is famous for the beautiful landscape and wonderful buddhist grottoes. The buddhist grottoes are well - known all over the world.

Tianlong grottoes have 25 caves scattered in the cliffs halfway up the western and eastern peaks of the Tianlong Mountains. They were first built in the Dongwei Dynasty (531-550) and it took more than 500 years to finish such a large group of caves. Especially in Tang Dynasty, the construction came to the high speed and level.

There were more than 500 sculptures made of stone and 1,144 carvings and pictures in the Tianlong grottoes. The sculptures were much precious and really true to life. Cave No.9 is the biggest one and is a two - storied cave. On the first floor are two Buddhas riding an elephant and a lion with an eleven -faced Buddha. On the second floor is the sitting statue of Maitreya Buddha about 8 meters high which is the finest to be preserved among the Tianlong grottoes.

The temples are surrounded by mountains covered with green trees and shrubs and the clear blue sky close above them. Tianlong Temple is built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (A.D.560). There is a large age - old pine in front of the Temple.


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