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Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower, located on Snake Hill, near the southern end of the Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, is one of the three most famous towers along the Yangtze River. It is a symbol of the Wuhan city now.

Yellow Crane Tower was first built in 223 A. D. during the Three Kingdoms periods and carries a history of 1700 years. Legend has it that there used to be a wine shop opened by a young man named Xin. A Taoist priest wanted to thank Mrs.Xin for her favour of free wines of thousand cups, so he drew a magic crane on the wall and instructed it to dance whenever it heard clapping. Mrs. Xin became rich. After 10 years, the Taoist priest revisited the wine shop. He played the flute and then rode on the crane to fly up to the sky. Therefore Mrs.Xin built a tower named Yellow Crane Tower. The tower inspired many ancient poets and artists. There were around 300 poems about the tower handed down through the history.

Yellow Crane Tower was destroyed and rebuilt many times in successive dynasties. The current reconstruction was completed in 1985. Modeling the destroyed one in Qing Dynasty, this 51.4 meter high and five-stored tower are decorated with glazed tiles, crimson pillars, overlapping ridges and interlocking flying eaves. It is even more magnificent than old one, which was a three-storey building. The top of the tower is the best place to viewing the surrounding scenery and the mighty Yangtze River.

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