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Banpo Museum

In 1958, the Banpo Museum, the first on-the-spot museum in China, was set up on the basis of the archaeological excavation. The museum consists of two exhibition rooms and a great hall that houses the remains of the village. The first exhibition hall in the front shows the production tools, including axe, chisel, sickle, stone and pottery knives and others. They were made smoothly by grinding and polishing. The second exhibition hall shows a number of fine and elegant potteries and utensils. The large-scale site hall in the back of the museum covers the well-preserved primitive village remains with examples of houses, cellars and burial sites. The Banpo Lady Statue on the rock in the garden pond bears a physical resemblance to the early Banpo people.
In the north of the site, lies the communal cemetery. The adults and children were buried in different ways. The adults were found to be buried in various postures. Some were buried with their faces upwards, some were buried with their faces downwards, and some were buried with the limbs dended. The burying pits are in a proper order with burial articles in each while children were always buried in rough pottery jars near their houses. The burial pits are near the houses, it seems that they are still in their mothers' bosoms.
The Banpo Museum is one of the historical sites designated for state protection.


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