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History of the Huanqing Hot Springs

According to the record, as early as the Dynasties of Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang, temporary imperial abode was constructed of huaqing hot springs During the Western Zhou, Li Palace was orignially undertaken here as resort palaces. Later the First Emperor Qin built a stone pool and gave the name "Lishan Hot Springs," and it was extended by the Han Wudi, Martial Emperor. However, the strongest associations are with the Tang and most of the present buildings have a Tang style. During the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong ordered the construction of the Hot Springs Palace. Emperor Xuanzong had a walled palace built around the Lishan Mountain in the year 747. It was known as the Huaqing Palace. It also had the name Huaqing Hot Springs because of its location over the hot springs. Unfortunately, it was damaged during the An Lushan Rebellion at the middle Tang. The present site was rebuilt on the site of the Qing dynasty structure.
The hot springs are particularly associated with the Tang dynasty emperor Xuanzong and his famous concubine Yang Guifei.The hot springs, rich in minerals, were highly regarded more than 3000 years ago. The Tang Emperor Xuanzong often spent the winter here in the company of his favorite concubine, Yang Guifei. Shortly afterwards, however, all the buildings were destroyed by war. The new baths constructed in 1956 include one called the Bath of Yang Guifei ( Guifei - Honorable Concubine).

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Photo of Huaqing Hot Spring
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