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Remains of the Mausoleum

As a part of the mausoleum, the terracotta warriors have dazzled the world. But the materials unexcavated are also worth studying.Archaeologists working over several decades have discovered and excavated several dozen construction sites covering tens of thousands' of square meters, including the most important large tomb, gardens, temples and houses. The 50 meter long flagstone apron, 55cm square plinth stones, drainage ditch, finely crafted stone water drainage system and red interior walls show the architectural skill and magnificence of the construction itself.
Many other tombs, unrelated to the Qin Mausoleum, have been found, including ruins at the Five-Ranges Dam, the Zhengjia Village Stone Processing Site and the Fish-pond Site. Ministers, princesses and princes, the famous and the not so famous were inhumed there.The burial pits for horses, rare birds and pottery figures were ever regarded as the sacrificial objects to the Emperor. Hence the remains from these tombs and pits are beneficial for archaeologists to make further research.

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