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Main Peaks of Mt. Huashan

Mt. Huashan is formed of a piece of huge and complete granite. Its history dates back to 2.7 billion of Mountain Hua In ancient times, Mt. Huashan was called Mt. Taihuashan. Seen from afar, the five peaks looks like five petals of a flower. Hence its name, Mt. Huashan (= five flowers).
Mt. Huashan is famous for its breath-taking cliffs. Along the 12-kilometer-long winding path up to the top are awe-inspiring precipices, looking into which will take your breath away. It has five peaks, the south one is called the Peak of the Wild Geese, the east one, the Peak of the Rising Sun, the west one, the peak of Lotus, the Central one, the Peak of the Charming Maiden and the north one, the Peak of the Cloud Terrace. The latter two are not so tall as the former three, yet each presents a kind of scenic beauty of its own.
Among the five peaks, East Peak (Facing Sun Peak), West Peak (Lotus Peak) and South Peak (Dropping Goose Peak) are comparatively high. The three main peaks, acclaimed as "the three magnificent peaks under heaven", stand like the three legs of a tripod in the blue sky.
East Peak, with a rising-sun platform favorable for viewing the morning sun, is also called Facing Sun Peak. As the sun emerges from the sea of clouds, standing at the top of East Peak, one can enjoy the rising sun early in the morning.
There is a giant rock in front of Cuiyun Palace on West Peak. As it takes the shape of a lotus flower, the mountain is also called Lotus Peak. As legend has it, Chen Xiang, a filial young man, once split the mountain and rescued his mother out of it. Now a crack can be witnessed in a giant rock beside Cuiyun Palace as if an axe made it. Thus, the rock is called "Axe-splitting Rock," beside which is a huge axe with a long handle.
the south peak, which is the highest of the three, 2160.5m above sea level, is also named the Wild Goose Perching Peak. Along the cliff of South Peak is a planked path equipped with an iron chain, with the help of which, adventurers can walk on the frightful path.
The middle peak got its name because of a story telling that once a young lady rode a white horse among the mountains.
The northwest side of the peak is called Fatal Cliff for it is as steep as if it was cut by a sharp sword. North Peak, with cliffs on three sides, has only one road leading to the south. From here one goes south to Ca'er Precipice, the fourth most dangerous place along the only path in Mt. Huashan. The cliff path is less than 30 centimeters wide, and faces such a deep valley that the tourists have to edge along carefully. Then one comes to Sky-leading Ladder, Sun and Moon Precipice and the well-known Blue Dragon Mountain.

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