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Interests and Scenic Spots of Mt. Huashan

Mt. Huashan boasts two hundred and ten famous places of interest and scenic spots. photo of Mountain HuaTemples and pavilions can be found every where. Owing to its peculiar lie the mountain has its own style of architecture. Many towers, caves and stone steps are built according to local conditions.
Of the ruins, Yuquan (Jade Spring), Zhenwu Palace, and Jintian Palace are famous. Xiyue Temple, seven kilometers north of Mt. Huashan is the place where people of ancient times paid tribute to the Mt. Huashan God.
The cloud-enshrouded cliff path, the sculptured rocky cliff, the floating-in-the air Somersault Cliff, the cliff-excavated Thoursand-Foot Precipice, the Hundred-Foot Valley, Laojun's Furrow, Ear Touching Cliff, Up the Heaven's Ladder, the Heaven Dragon Peak and so on are all marvellous views of precipitous and perilous cliff paths.
The Immortal's Palm Rock ranks the first in the Eight Scenes of the Guangzhong Plain. The changeable weather on the mountain makes Mt.Huashan sometimes in the clouds, or in the rain, or in the mist, or in the snow, which make people feel as if they were in a fairyland.
The area of Mt. Huashan specializes in gingko, thatch weaving and traditional paper-cutting. Today, Mt. Huashan is listed as one of the renowned national scenic spots.

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Photo ot Mt.Huashan
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