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Tomb of Huo Qubing

The Tomb of Huo Qubing is located about 1.5 kilometers northeast of Maoling Mausoleum.
Huo Qubing was a brave and skillful general under Emperor Wudi. His aunt Wei Zifu became Emperor Wu Di's favourite concubine, and his uncle, Wei Qing was made a general by Wu Di. As an outstanding general, he led his men bravely, fighting out against the Hun invaders six times.Each time he won a victory.He died at the age of 24 because of illness. Emperor Wudi gave orders to build his tomb in the shape of Qilian Mountain, where the general had achieved his first victory, and to erect sixteen remarkable stone figures of beasts and demons in front of his tomb to commemorate his deeds.
In front of Huo Qubing's Tomb there are large stone sculptures, statues of stone men, fierce animals, a feeding sheep, a bull, a man with a bear, a piglet, a galloping horse, a frog, a toad and a stone fish. The total number comes to 16 pieces.Of the sculptures, the most renowned is "The Hun Under Horse Hoofs". The stone horse is 1.68 meters high and 1.90 meters in length. It has an imposing appearance, and has one foot on a Xiongnu soldier. The soldier under its feet, although in the panicked last moments of his life, has a fierce expression. The groups of statues are the earliest giant-sized stone sculptures known to stand in front of an ancient tomb in China.
Huo Qubing's Tomb was designated as a state monument in 1961.

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