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Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

The Three Immortals Buddhist Caves, which lies 11 miles north of Kashgar in a cliff, are the oldest Buddhist fresco caves in the western China.
Each of the three caves is divided into a front room and back room, and the middle cave is the biggest. There is a headless Buddha statue in the back room of this cave. The west cave has nothing because it was unfinished. But the east cave has various of Buddhist paintings on the walls of the front room. The standing Buddha statue in the back room is a rare relic in China. The Buddha is in the nude with his right hand parallel with his waist, while his left hand is lying along his leg naturally. The most amazing is that three kinds of colors (green, red and blue) interwoven in his lower part. The lofty skill and the precipitous terrain are the most attractive point of the Three Immortals Buddhist Caves.

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