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Karez System

The Karez System in the Turpan is an irrigation system of wells connected by channels with the total length of five thousand kilometers. As one of the three great ancient projects in China (the other two are the Great Wall and the Grand Canal), it gains the reputation of "the underground Great Wall".
Karezes also be found in Iran, the Sahara, etc., but the ones in Turpan are the most complete. According to records, the history of the karez in Xinjiang can date back to 103B.C. Currently there are still over 400 systems with the longest is 20 to 30 km while the shortest is only 30 meters. Vertical wells, underground canals, above-ground canals and small reservoirs combined the Karez systems, and earth was used to cover the underground canal to resist the heat. On both sides of the surface canals, trees were planted to prevent evaporation. Melting snow from the Tianshan Mountain and rainfall flow into the canals and wells, then the working people use the water to irrigate farmland. The water in the Karez will not dry up even in a longtime drought.
The Wudaolin karez and the karez in the Wuxing Township are open to visitors. Sitting in a Karez, enjoy this natural air conditioner while tasting some grapes. It is really a wonderful thing!

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