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Badong, lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze and to the east of the Daba Mountains, is a strategic communication hub between Sichuan and Hubei Province.
This ancient town is the main center for collection and distribution of goods from the mountain areas of western Hubei. The special local products of western Hubei, such as tung oil, raw lacquer, herbal medicines and animal skins, are shipped out either via the highway between Badong and Enshi or by the Yangtze River.

There are some ancient structures in Badong, including the Autumn Wind Pavilion, the White Cloud Pavilion, Pavilion for Encouraging Farming and Pavilion of Longevity and Peace. A long canal has been built along the cliff diverting the waters from the Sourceless Cave, with some very attractive scenery. A long canal has been built along the cliff diverting the waters from the Sourceless Cave. The scenery is very attractive.

Gezi River Stone Forest lies in the southwest of Badong, where each of the many fantastic peaks and grotesque rocks presents its unique shape. Tall, straight pine trees rise sheer out of verdant carpets of lush grass. More than thirty single peaks and seven caves are linked up by three meadows, four spots of "thread of sky", five "gates", six "tunnels" and eight "lanes", which form the famous scenic spot of Gezi River Stone Forest.

Yingwu Gorge is famous for its natural beauty. Flowers are in full blossoms on all sides against the background of green hills. Birds are singing in the bushes and woods.

A visit to Shennong Stream is the main reason for making a stop at Badong. Shennong Stream is a small tributary of the Yangtze boasting gorges that rival those of the Daning River. With crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges, a sampan tour will make you experience a speedy adventure along this river. The boat glides over the cobble-strewn riverbed with its bottom often banging against the stones.

The riverside scenery is also attractive. Mysterious ancient coffins hang high on the cliff, and wild monkeys run under the primitive trees and bushes. Dark green clear water, dark green trees, and dark green mountains along the stream provide an once-in-a-lifetime vista which disappear into faraway.

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