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Wanxian, located at 327 km away from Chongqing and 119 km from Fengjie in waterway, has long history more than 2,000 years.

Wanxian was once an important city in formal Sichuan Province and known as the Gateway to the Eastern Sichuan. The city is guarded by two nine-storied pagodas for good fortune. Now it is still an important city and port along the Three Gorges area for the textile industry, the port and the local produce like oranges, tangerines, peaches, bamboo and lumber.

Wanxian has ten free markets, which sell local produce and seasonal delicacies such as mountain mushrooms or live eels. Second Street is the main shopping thorough fare. Shengli Lu is a famous night market where Wanxian rattan and cane are sold. Handmade summer bed mats, fans, hats, straw shoes, furniture and baskets are traded roadside every night. The Arts and Crafts Store can be bought in Third Street (San Malu). Visitors can try on some local snacks, such as spicy noodles and cooling soybean jelly and fresh fruit.

Other attarctions in Wanxian include Twin-OsmanthusTemple, West Hill Stele Pavilion, Black Dragon Waterfall, etc.

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