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15 Days Inner Mongolian Gold Diversiform Leaved Poplar

Forest & Ningxia Muslin Culture Tour Package

photo of chinatravelkey imageTour Code : NX-PO-09
photo of chinatravelkey imageInclude:hotel , tour guide, vehicle, driver, Meals, admission fee.
photo of chinatravelkey imageName of this tour: 15 Days Inner Mongolian gold diversiform-leaved poplar forest & Ningxia Muslin culture tour Package
photo of chinatravelkey imageAvailable: daily
photo of chinatravelkey imageType: private tour of Yinchuan
photo of chinatravelkey imageReturn time: 17:00 - 18:00 of each day
photo of chinatravelkey imageAccommodation: included
photo of chinatravelkey imageVehicle: Private car, van or mini-bus according to numbers of travelers. Please let us know if you have much luggage in advance. We will arrange bigger vehicle for you.
photo of chinatravelkey imageEscorted: yes
photo of chinatravelkey imageLevel: easy
photo of chinatravelkey imageKids (2-5 years old) or elders(above 65 years old): possible
photo of chinatravelkey imageExclude: tips, personal expense.
photo of chinatravelkey imageDuration: 15 days
You may inform us your suggestion or your timetable, we can tailor a tour according to your request.

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tour itinerary

Day 1 Yinchuan--Zuoqi, Yanfu si
First go to Yanfu si, one of the preserved ancient architectures in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region built in Qing dynasty Qianlong period.
Accommodation: Zuoqi

Day 2 Zuoqi--Eji naqi
Pick you up from the hotel.
Enjoy the desert & Gebi land scenery on the way.
Go to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Eji naqi

Day 3
Pick you up from the hotel.
Go to visit Black fort ruins, Red fort ruins, Strange forest.
Back to hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Eji naqi

Day 4 Ju Yan hai, Diversiform-leaved poplar forest
Pick you up from the hotel.
Gi to visit Ju Yan hai, which is a terminal branch on the Heihe River, the second largest inland river in China, photo in diversiform-leaved poplar forest.
Move on to visit Diversiform-leaved poplar forest.
Back to hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Eji naqi

Day 5 Eji naqi--Youqi
Pick you up from the hotel.
Go to visit Hai Sen Chu Lu peculiar Stones. Situated in the northwestern part of Alxa Youqi, it is one of the developed wind-eroded landform areas in China.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)

Day 6 Badan jilin desert, Badan lake, Shen quan, Badan jilin temple
Be picked up from the hotel.
Go to visit Badan jilin desert which is the fourth largest desert. In addition to its megadunes, the Badain Jaran also boasts roughly 140 spring fed-lakes that reside in the interspaces of its giant megadunes, creating one of the most captivating desert landscapes in the world.
Proceed to Badan lake and Shen quan.
Move on to visit Badan jilin temple.
Go back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: tent or folk house

Day 7 Nuoer tu haizi, Sound sand, Bandan lake
Pick you up from the hotel.
First go to visit Nuoer tu haizi.
Then go to visit Sound sand and Bandan lake.
Go back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: you qi

Day 8 Yuoqi--Zuoqi
Be picked up from the hotel.
Go to visit Stone Paintings of Mandla Mountain.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: zuo qi

Day 9 Guangzong si, Moon lake
Be picked up from the hotel.
Go to visit Guangzong si and Moon lake. Guangzong Si was one of the eight temples in Alashan area with the largest scale and the highest reputation.
Backe to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: moon lake

Day 10 Moon lake, Xixia mausoleum, Helan mt. rock carvings
Pick you up from the hotel.
Go to visit Moon lake , Xixia mausoleum and Helan mt. rock carvings.
The Royal Mausoleum of the Western Xia State is located at the eastern foot of Mt. Helan, 35 kilometers form Yinchuan. It ranks 10th among China’s National Scenic Spots. Covering an area of 50 square kilometers, the tombs buried nine kings and more than 140 royal family members of the Western Xia State. The tombs is in the shape of pyramid, hence its name the Pyramid in China.
The cliff carvings in Mt. Helan were done by the nomadic people in north China during the Warring States period and the Western Xia State. These carvings depict the life, religious activities, wars, herding, and hunting of the minority peoples at that time. Bold and vivid, it is a treasure house of the art of carving by the nomadic people in ancient China. The best place to admire the carvings is the entrance of Mt. Helan 40 kilometer from downtown Yinchuan.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: yin chuan

Day 11 Yinchuan--Qingtong xia
Pick you up from the hotel.
Go to visit Shuidong gou, one of the three sites in the late Paleolithic Ages which were firstly discovered with a history of about 30,000 years, and preserving the historical relics of human activities from Pleistocene to Recent Epochs.
Move on to visit 108 pagodas. Located on the hillside west of the Yellow River Dam 90 kilometers from Yinchuan, the Pagoda 108 consists of 108 pagodas, It is one of the few ancient pagoda complexes in China.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: qing tongxia

Day 12 Qingtong xia--guyuan
Pick up from the hotel.
Go to visit Zhongwei Si kou, Xumi shan grottoes. More than one hundred caves have been carved out from the cliff faces on five adjoining hillsides here, and a large number of statues survive, primarily from the Northern Wei, Sui and Tang dynasties. The natural backdrop is beautiful and secluded; at Xumi Shan, the grottoes occupy a huge site of rusty red sandstone cliffs and shining green tree-covered slopes commanding panoramic views.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Gu yuan

Day 13 Red Army Long March memorial museum, Jinghe yuan tourism zone
Pick you up from the hotel.
First go to Red Army Long March memorial museum, and Jinghe yuan tourism zone. Jing He Yuan scenic spot is within the territory of the Jing’s source county of mountain area in the south of Ningxia. Here with green hills and clear waters, it is green for different mountains to fight for, forest luxuriant grass abundant, cliffside waterfall flow spring, brightness of flowers and birdsongs, there are heroes of the northern part of the country, also have show in the southern part of the country, it is called on the loess plateau.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Gu yuan

Day 14 Guyuan--Yinchuan
Pick you up from the hotel.
First go to Tongxin mosque, one of the largest structures in Islamic architecture with a long history in Ningxia. It is believed that the mosque was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Proceed to Xiji Huoshi zhai.
Back to the hotel. (B,L)
Accommodation: Yin chuan

Day 15 Hotel--Departure. (B)

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Service Package Includes
-Air conditioned private car or van
-Admission fee
-Professional English-speaking tour guide
-Chinese lunch
-Pick-up from and transfer back to your hotel
-Fuel, Tent expense
-Expressway cost and parking cost
Service Package Excludes
-Gratuities to guide and driver.
-Personal expenses.
-Pay our tour guide in cash (Except the hotel or airlines needs deposit).
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