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Sand Lake Scenic Resort

Located in Pingluo County of the Ningxia Autonomous Region, Sand Lake is praised as a pearl on the fields beyond the Great Wall.
Sand Lake scenery combines sand, water and hill together. It covers an area of more than 80 square kilometers, in which 45 square kilometers is lake and over 22 square kilometers of desert. Many exciting activities such as water-motorcycling, surfing and sliding down the dunes are available. Reeds and lotuses seem to be endless at the lake.
Sand Lake is also one of the best places for watching birds, as it is the home of 198 species birds. During the period from May to September, the lake is veritable a paradise for over one million migratory birds, including white cranes, black storks, red-crowned cranes, swans, wild geese and so on. You can watch birds on the Bird-watching Tower where equipped with best telescope.
Sand Lake also has several species of fishes, even the blunt-snout bream which rarely found in North China can be seen here. There are giant salamanders as well.
Golden sunshine, blue lake, yellow sand, green reeds and beautiful birds create a peaceful nature picture. It is an ideal place for travel and recreation.

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