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Small Sukhavati

- Small Western Paradise

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Located in the northwestern part of Beihai Park, the Small Sukhavati (Pure Land) GardenNini Dragon Screen was built in 1770 by Qing Emperor Qianlong to celebrate his mother's birthday. The main hall in the garden is the largest square pavillion in Asia. It is surrounded with water but easy of access by bridges. It is small pavilion at each corner. Inside the hall there is a mounded Buddhist Sumeru mountain with a seated Sakyamuni, with Ananda and Mahakasyapa standing by each side and Bodhisttvas and Arhats of various symbolic gestures arranged around. The mountain is embellished with ancient towers and temples, exotic flowers and rare trees, and cruling mists and clouds, making it look like the legendary "Western Paradise"(Sukhavati). Emperor Qianlong once inscribed the words "Pure Land" in mandarin Chinese on board, which is still hung high in the hall. These features make the building a precious Buddhist architectural work.

The garden was closed for reason of damages and safety since 1952. The departments concerned have made efforts to restore and conserve the garden especially during the period from 1987 to 1993. The Sukhavati Garden was finally reopened to domestic and foreign tourists in early 1994.

Within the resorted Sukhavati Garden the tourist will acquire a vivid experience of the mountain itself and will find sculptures of the Buddhist Mi School in the cave.

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Photo of Beihai Park
Beihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai Park

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