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Yong' an Temple of Beihai Park

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Yong' an Temple or Eternal Peace Temple on the Qionghuadao islet in the centre of Beihai Park reopened to the public after intensive renovation in 1993. It was first built in 1651, though the history of the park dates a few centuries earlier, when the Dagoba symbol of the park, was constructed on the top of the hill. But Yong'an Temple has long been in disrepair. Part of it had toppled with the passage of time, until it was restored earlier 1993. The temple has now taken on an entirely new face with its freshly-painted walls and roofs, dazzling-array of Buddha statues and cultural relics. And, for the first time in the park's history.

The components of Yong'an temple - three main halls and several auxiliary ones -are arranged along the slope on six terraces, with the White Dagoba atop the tiny island. The first statues are the four guardians of Adrenergically Kings, as they are dubbed. they look ferocious and each has something in hand. Sakyamuni,founder of Buddhism, and his main disciples, eight Bodhisttvas and 18 Arhats, are enshrined in the Falun Hall -a common sight in a temple of this kind. The falun, or prayer wheel cylinder, is a bell-like instrument used in religious rituals. There are two falun sets in front of the hall.

Shanyin Hall
The Shanyin Hall, a structure of glazed tiles in imitation of wood, is 4.4 meters wide. The round upper part is topped with a roof of copper tiles and a gilt ball. On the four sides of the square lower part there are 445 Buddhist statues of glazed tiles.

Yong'an Bridge
The bridge linking the Round City and Jade Flower Islet was built in the 13th century. Lotus flowers and petals are carved on its balusters and fence boards. Two archways stand on either side of the bridge.

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Photo of Beihai Park
Beihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai ParkBeihai Park

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