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Nine-dragon Screen

- Jiulongbi

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Brief Introduction of Nine-dragon Screen
At the entrance to the outer Eastern palaces, there is a Nine-dragon Screen, erected in 1773 during the reign of Emperor Qianlong as a decoration. In china, there are altogether three Nine-dragon Screens. The biggest one is in Beihai Park, and a third one is in Datong, shanxi province.

Legends of Nine-dragon Screen

If one watches carefully, a piece of wood will be found at the bottom of the third dragon from the left. The legend goes like this: after the Nine-dragon screen was completed a workman carelessly broke a tile just before the inspection by Emperor Qianlong. He was so frightened, because, if found by the emperor, he was bound to be executed. The carpenter had to make a wooden part to replace it so that nobody could see the flaw. That is why this piece of the Nine-dragon Screen is made of wood.

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