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Network and Provisions

-on beckon fire site

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Announcing network and provisions of beckon fire site
Beacon fire site is a very important defence installation of the Great Wall, forming itself into a complete network at early stage. Definite provisions have been laid down governing the selection of site, architectural form and the making of smoke or fire. The book "WuJing Zong Yao" written by Zeng Gongliang of the Song Dynasty, has a detailed account, in which he quoted Tang Dynasty beacon fire system and referred to a passage from chapter "Shou Ju Fa" in the book "Tong Dian" by Duyou of Tang Dynasty.

Provisions for soldiers
A slip of bamboo (written by someone with a note in Han Dynasty) discovered in Dunhuang says that soldiers in the border region are not allowed to leave even an inch of ground in the beacon fire site. A provision laid down in the second reigning year of Cheng Hua says that it is deemed necessary to check on the soldiers in the beacon fire site and to provide adequate supply of dry hay. Constant watch is maintained day and night. During emergency smoke must be made by day and fire by night as' signal of military intelligence. This must not be violated. In case of victory those who send intelligence quickly will be rewarded. Those who fail to do so will be prosecuted under martial law. It can be seen from this that reward and punishment are duly maintained. The management of beacon fire site can be said to be very strict indeed.

Provisions of making fire

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