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Experience in using available materials

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Announcing the experience in using available materials

"To suit local conditions and use locally available materials" -- this is an experience gained in the course of construction. Since there are mountains, cliffs, deserts, loess regions, etc. a vast amount of materials are to be used. To avoid costly transport over long distances,builders and strategists mainly use earth and stone before using bricks. In places where stones are found in abundance, such as mountains and areas full of stones, stone is used. In loess regions rammed earth is used. In Yumenguan Pass and in Gobi Desert, Xinjiang region where only sand and pebbles are found but not stone or earth, walls of sandy soil are supported with layers of tamarisk twigs and reeds. The Great Wall built with just such materials have been preserved to this day in ruined sites in spite of the fact that over 2,000 years have elapsed.

  • Note: Blocks of stones faced with bricks are used to build the Ming Great Wall -- an other example of using local materials. In tablets on Juyongguan Pass, Badaling and elsewhere we find accounts saying that bricks and stones are obtained locally by setting up kilns to make the building materials or from quarry.
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