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Experience in Cho icing the Terrain

of building the Great Wall

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Experience in choosing the terrain

Stress is made on the choice of terrain in constructing mountain pass, beacon fire site, smoke-making platform and castle in order to gain strategy and save manpower and materials.

This is called a way to utilize terrain and build massive fortification, mountain pass and beacon tower in strategic places. It is entirely in keeping with the principles of military science.

The massive fortification between Liaodong (eastern Liaoning province), Shanhaiguan Pass and Juyongguan Pass were constructed along mountain ridges. Rocks and steep cliffs were therefore utilized. One look from the outside at many parts of the fortification seems to suggest that the Great Wall was located in very dangerous place indeed. Yet inside we find the walls were in level and low place. Defending the barrier the soldiers can easily repulse invaders and ascend or descend the wall without difficulty. It is easy to transport military supplies too. Some cliffs are used as walls, known as cliff wall and some steep places are used as walls, too. The enemy can hardly be expected to climb such precipitous ramparts. When the Great Wall reaches a big river or lake the natural barrier is again used for strategic purpose.

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