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Great Wall of Qing Dynasty

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Good-neighbor policy towards the Mongolian and Tibetan nobles

In the wake of the development in politics and in military situation during early-Qing Dynasty, especially during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi, Qianlong , a policy of control through conciliation was adopted by emperors, whereby Mongolian and Xinjiang princes and nobles were brought under control by a show of conciliation. Then, emperors didn't continue the building of the Great Wall. That's also the reason why the mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Temples were built in Chengde, Hebei Province.

The changed policy of the Qing rulers was testified by many historic accounts at the beginning of the dynasty:

  • First is the building of a huge summer resort for the emperor in Chengde. It is just this policy that saved tremendous amount of expenditure which would otherwise have to be used to build the Great Wall.
  • When Emperor Kang Xi inspected the eastern sea, he wrote a poem, criticizing Qin ShiHuang for building the Great Wall. In the Poem he explained the reason for his own policy not to rebuild the Great Wall:

    "so many laborers were conscripted in pursuit of an exaggerated aim--to no purpose. The wealth of the people was exhausted. Yet the empire, meant to last for ten thousand years, did not last long." "only great pass survives in the old site and only the surviving form makes the territory grand and imposing."

Repair the Great Wall
It was decided not to repair or rebuild the Great Wall, except to repair certain city wall within pass as well as mountain pass along the unified wall for purposes of inspection of the whole defence work.

The royal house of the Qing built a border wall called Liu Tiao Bian or Willow Wall to confine activities of the nomads in certain part of the territory. It repaired some parts of the Great Wall to put down insurrection by people. These, however, are in no sense the same as the original Great Wall.


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