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History of Temple of Azure Clouds

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This temple was initially built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was taken reconstruction during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The interior buildings almost retain the style of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) completely.

The temple was first built in the early 14th century and named the Nunnery of the Azure Clouds. The temple was expanded in 1516 during the Ming Dynasty and again in 1748 in the Qing dynasty under the reign of Emperor Qianlong, who added the Hall of Arhats, containing 500 Buddha statues. He also erected the main temple building, known as the Diamond Throne Pagoda, a towering Indian "stupa" ringed with miniature stupas. Even in modern days the temple has seen active use. When Dr. Sun Yat Sen died in 1925 his coffin was briefly on display here before being moved to Nanjing, but a permanent memorial hall remains at Azure Clouds.

At the time of the founding of the People s Republic in 1949, the temple buildings were in a state of disrepair. In 1954, the temple was rebuilt and renovated, including the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.


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