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Chengde Hotels

You do not need worry about your accommodation when you get to Chengde. The very famous Mountain Resort of Chengde used to be the largest royal summer resort of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
There are various type hotels like 4 star,3 star,2 star, and hostels in addition to the 5-star rate, But the rate difference is marked ness in Chengde. The most prominent feature of accommodation in chengde is Yurts, shape remains the same, but completely different inside, where are modern hotel rooms for Chinese and foreign tourists to enjoy´╝îexisting high, medium and low-grade 300 beds.
They are divided into luxury suites, yurts and buildings, the rooms in yurt are all standard rooms. The room types in building are double rooms and standard rooms. Hotels are equipped with large and small restaurants, also providing meeting rooms, ticketing services.
Most of the 4 star hotels can accept credit payment: Visa card, MasterCard, Peony Card, Jinsui Card, Great Wall Card, American Express card, the Lycra, is JCB card cash).

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Chengde Hotel Reservation Method:
1. Email: Please send reservation information to . We will confirm by email.
2. Fax: Please fax reservation information to 0086-10-87638057. We will confirm by email or fax.
3. Submission Form: Please fill in the form at the bottom of each hotel introduction page and click "Submit" button. We will confirm by email.

Note of Chengde Hotel Reservation: Price of Chengde hotels will be effected by National Holiday (May 1 to May 7; October 1 to October 7) each year. Please contact us in advance if you will visit Chengde during this period.

Payment of Chengde Hotel
Most of Chengde hotels accept credit card upon arrival. Some hotels need guarantee by credit card when make reservation. Some Chengde hotel need prepayment during national holiday or large scale exhibition. We will inform you the exact payment method when make reservation.

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