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Chengdu, also called “Brocade City (Jincheng)” and “The City of Hibiscus (Rongcheng)”, with a total population of more than 3 millions and an area of 12,390 square kilometers, located at the hinterland of Chengdu Plain, the central of Sichuang Province.Photo of Chengdu Dujiangyan
Chengdu is the cradleland of the Ba and Shu Culture. cccccc It has long been China’s political, economic and culture center since ancient time. With rich agricultural resources and abundant products in various kinds, Chengdu is known as “Heavenly Land (Tian Fu Zhi Guo)”. It is a major production base in China for commodity grains, rapeseeds, and pigs, and abundant in peanuts, sesame seeds, cotton, sugar canes etc. With the development of economy, Chengdu government is now focus a lot on the establishment of its six industry bases in west China to gradually form the three big industrial economic regions and to create a new situation of industrial development of Chengdu in the future.
As a famous Chinese historical and cultural city, Chengdu has endowed with unique natural conditions and beautiful environment. It has a pleasant climate, and exquisite lush mountains. Chengdu has many places of interest, among its renowned scenic spots and historical sites are Marquis Wu Shrine, Thatched Cottage Du Fu, Dujiangyan Irrigation System. And it is famous worldwide for its traditional arts and crafts, ethnic folklore, and beautiful landscapes. Chengdu enjoys an advantageous geographical location. It has easy access to the Three Gorges on the Changjiang (Yangtze) River in the east; to Tibet, Jiuzhaigou, and Huanglong Temple in the west; to the Terra-cotta Warriors of Xianin the north; and to Mt. Emei and the Giant Buddha of Leshan in the south. With those natural advantages, Chengdu people welcome all of the visitors from both home and overseas.
Chengdu is now ushering itself on the road of building into an international metropolis functioning primarily as the center of science and technology, commerce, culture, finance as well as communication and transport in Southwest China.

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Dujiangyan Irrigation System,Mt. Qingcheng,Panda Breeding Research Center,Qingyang Temple,Thatched Cottage of Du Fu,Three-star Piles,Wangjiang Tower Park,Yong Mausoleum

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