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Arhat Temple

Arhat Temple, located in the busiest downtown area of Chongqing, is a key Buddhist temple in the Han people region and a historic site protection unit of the Municipal level.

Arhat Temple is originally built in 1064-1067 when Emperor Zhiping of the Northern Song Dynasty reigned over China. Arhat Temple is famous for 700 life size and vivid Arhat statues in the temple, which is destroyed during the Anti-Japanese War and the Ten Years Upheaval. The present Arhats were molded in spring of 1986. The famous attractions in this temple are the Four Guardians of the World, the Stele Kiosk of the Ming Dynasty, the ancient Buddhist cliff inscriptions of the Northern Sung Dynasty, the imposing Sakyamuni Hall, the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room. The construction work of the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room has been completed recently.

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