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Huayan Temple

Huayan Temple, is located in the southwestern part of Datong city and 1km west of the Nine Dragon Screen. Named after the Huayan sect of Buddhism, it is one of the biggest temples in China.

Huayan Temple is divided into the Upper Huayan Temple and the Lower Huayan Temple. the Upper Huayan Temple is considered to be one of the two biggest Buddhist halls existent in China. It was built under the Liao Dynasty in 1062. The Great Temple of Treasure faces to the east. There are five statues of Buddhas and 20 statues of lokapalas in the center of the hall, which covers 1,559 square metres.

The Lower Huayan Temple is smaller than the upper, but has a touch of quaintness.
The Bojiajiaocang Hall of the temple contains some Liao Dynasty statues and some heavenly deities. The Trinity Buddhas comprising the Past Buddha, the Present Buddha and the future Buddha are enshrined and worshipped here.

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