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Datong is located in northern Shanxi Province, bordered by Inner Mongolia to the north and Hebei Province to Datong Drum Towerthe east. Covering an area of 14,113 square kilometers, Datong has four districts and seven counties. It is the second largest city in Shanxi Province. Datong has developed into the second largest industrial city in Shanxi Province due to its coal mining history and is well known as the 'City of Coal'. Its large reserves of coal make it a very important energy base in China. The city is endowed with rich cultural relics left from different periods like Yungang Grottos, Huayan Temple and Nine Dragon Wall. Datong is one of the 24 famous historical and cultural cities in China because of its ever prosperous history. The scenery of Datong differs greatly from the pretty and delicate cities in southern China.
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Chinatravelkey provides Datong one day tour, Datong private tour, Datong transfer servcie.

Datong Tour Itinerary Provided by Chinatravlkey:

Datong One Day Tour
DT-D1. Datong one day tour to Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Monastery
DT-D2. Datong One Day Tour to City Wall and Shanhua Monastery
DT-D3. Datong One Day Tour to Datong Volcano Group and Fahua Temple
DT-D4. Datong One Day Tour to Jinhua Palace National Mine Park
DT-D5. Datong One Day Tour to Hanging Temple and Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian
DT-D6. Datong One Day Tour to Mt.Hengshan
DT-D7. Datong One Day Tour to Yanmenguan Great Wall and Congfu Temple
DT-D8. Datong One Day Tour to Ancient Temple of Tang Dynasty

Private Datong Package Tour
DT-H0. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao 3 days Tour
DT-H1. Datong 2 days private tour
DT-H2. Datong 3 Days Tour of Yungang Grottoes and Huayan Temple
DT-H3. Datong 4 Days Tour
DT-H4. Datong 5 Days Tour
DT-H5. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao 5 Days Tour
DT-H6. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao and Hukou Waterfall 6 Days Tour
DT-H7. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao, Mt. Wutai and Hukou Waterfall 7 Days Tour
DT-H8. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao and Mt.Taihang 7 Days Tour
DT-H9. Datong Taiyuan Pingyao 6 Days Tour
DT-H10. Datong 2 Days Tour to Mt.Wutai

Datong Transfer Service
DT-T1. Datong train station - hotel in Datong
DT-T2. Datong city - Taiyuan city
DT-T3. Datong Airport - hotel in Datong
DT-T4. Hotel in Datong - Jining Railway Station
DT-T5. Hotel in Datong - hotel in Beijing
DT-T6. Hotel in Datong - Pingyao
DT-T7. Hotel in Datong - Mt.Wutai
DT-T8. Hotel in Datong - Zhangjiakou

Datong Tour from Beijing
BJSX-2. Beijing Datong Taiyuan Pingyao Tour
BJSX-3. Datong Tour from Beijing

Place to Start Datong Tour
We can pick up travelers from hotel, apartment, railway station. And we also can arrange Datong tour start from other cities, such as Beijing, Xian.

Best Season of Datong Tour
Datong City enjoys a continental monsoon climate, featured with sharp temperature difference between day and night. With changeable spring that have both warm and cold days; rainfall is usual in summer, and temperature drops a lot at night; autumn is cool and dry, always have sunny days; It is very cold in winter, the weather is dry and windy with frequent snowfalls. Generally speaking the best times to visit Datong are April, May, June, September and October, spring and autumn are more pleasant relatively.
Time Zone: East 7 time zone

Must-See Attractions of Datong Tour
Yungang Grottoes: Yungang Grottoes is located at the foot of Wuzhou Mountain, about 16 km west of Datong. It is one of China's biggest grottoes with world-famous treasure-collection of arts and culture. The grottoes stretch one kilometre from east to west and comprises of 53 caves in succession. There are over 1,100 niches with about over 51, 000 statues. The Yungang Grottoes are divided into three zones: east, west and central and they are numbered from east to west. Yungang Grottoes has been counted as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites.
Nine-Dragon Screen:Datong Nine-Dragon Screen is one of three famous walls of this style in China; also it is the oldest, largest and the most enchanting one among the three. The screen is made up of yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white and other colored glaze. It can be divided into three parts such as the pedestal, body and roof. There are night dragons on the long wall. It is presently the oldest and largest glazed screen in China and even before 350 years and is three times larger than the one in Beihai Park, Beijing City.
Shanhua Temple: Shanhua Temple is also called Nan Temple or South Temple for the location of it in Datong. It originally founded during the Tang Dynasty and is the best-preserved temple of the Liao and Jin dynasties. The magnificent Shanhua Monastery stands facing south with a gate in front, three Holy Halls in the middle and the Great Buddha’s Hall in the back. The Wenshu Pavilion and Puxian Pavilion are on both sides of the Great Buddha’s Hall. You will get good Buddhist culture in this temple.
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda: 80 kilometers away from Datong city, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is located at Yingxian. It is the oldest and tallest wooden pagoda in the world and was built in 1056 during Liao Dynasty. The Wooden Pagoda was made entirely of wooden parts joined by innumerable mortises and tenons in a complicated structure of brackets, without using any nails. The octagonal pagoda is one of the few surviving examples of a Song-Dynasty pagoda, rich in detail, dynamic in bracketing, and noble in proportion. TDatong Hanging Templehe pagoda provided important materials to study the religion and printing technology of the Liao Dynasty as well as the political, economic and cultural developments of that period.
Huayan Temple:Huayan Temple have two separate sections—the upper temple and lower temple. The upper one referred to as the Grand Hall housing five large Ming Dynasty Buddhas, and the lower section referred to as the Sutra Temple containing a library of some 18,000 volumes of Buddhist writings. The two temples have their own main hall, the main hall of the upper monastery is the Hall of Sakyamuni, and the Lower temple is simple and unsophisticated. Its main hall is the Bhaga Repository Hall in which Buddhist sutra is kept.
Hanging Temple:Just as it called hanging temple, this temple is hanging 50 meters above the ground on the cliff side of Hengshan, it is the only temple that enshrines three religions within one in China. As the major attractions in Hengshan, Hanging Temple attracted many visitors from both domestic and abroad. The amazing point of the scenic spot is the temple was actually constructed without the help of wooden pillars that appear to support. The monastery's 6 main halls are intricately and ingeniously linked by winding corridors, bridges, and boardwalks that offer a perilous glimpse of the ground below, increasing the visitor's awareness that this truly is, quite literally, a hanging monastery.

Clothes and Other Staffs to Pack
Spring in Datong is not always as warm as other cities, take some warm clothes with you, a jacket and sweater will be good, and better wear a gauze mask to cover your nose and mouth both in spring and winter for the weather is little dry and windy. Wear summer clothes such as shorts, shirts and skirts. A pair of comfortable shoes is usable in any season on your journey. Autumn is cool and sunny, long-sleeves and shirts can keep you warm in this season. Winter is from December to February, since it is very cold; take some warmer cloth with you such as thick sweater, hats, scarves and gloves.

Datong Tour Photo
Datong Huayan Temple Datong Huayan Temple Datong Huayan Temple Datong Huayan Temple Datong Wooden Pagoda Datong Train Station

Accommodation of Datong Tour
There are various kinds of hotels in Datong; accommodations ranging from five stars to three stars are all available, you can choose them according to your needs. Facilities and service are first class in those top brand hotels. Also we have some budget hostel for backpackers. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, guests will always feel at home and relax. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Datong China
Datong Traffic
Ways to get in Datong:
--Datong has an airport which is located 15 kilometers from downtown area, it called Datong Airport. Datong Airport has several weekly flights connecting with Beijing, Shanghai and daily flights to Guangzhou. Free shuttle bus provides travelers convenience to go between the airport and downtown.
--Datong Railway Station has direct trains to Beijing, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Baotou, Hohhot, Hangzhou, and Shenyang, over 25 cities are included.
--If you would like to take long-distance bus, there are four bus stations in Datong. They are South Long-distance Bus Station, New South Bus Station, North Long-distance Bus Station and New Pingwang Bus Station.
Internal transport: Buses are convenient in Datong city; they can take you to a lot of places in the city, but the buses only runs until 08:00 pm.
Taxies are good for sightseeing, too. Over six thousand taxies runs in Datong city. According to the type of car, different fare is charged for each additional kilometer.

Recreation in Datong
Except sightseeing in those famous scenic spots in Datong, travelers can also find some fun at night. Datong may not be prosperous as other big cities in China while it still has some places for entertainment. Datong Theatre shows mainly local Jin Opera, if you are interested with traditional Chinese opera it is a good place to visit.
--Also there are some bars and coffee house for relax:
Habitat Bar (Xinjian Road)
Sleek guest Bar (Kangle Street)
Ziye Bar (Kangle Street)
Laozhan Club (Xinjian Road)
Tianranju Teahouse (Fanggu Street)
Cit Coffee (No.68 Nanguan Street)

Datong Huayan TempleDatong Tour Tips:
Time: Better avoid rush tourist season in 1st May to 3rd May and 1st October to 7th October, they are two national holiday in China. In those periods, it will be very crowd on the street and the famous tourist spots.
Food: Wheaten food is mainly serves in Datong restaurants. Datong food is belonging to Shanxi cuisine. It is little salty and oily. Some representative local dishes are Instant-Boiled Lamb, Cat Ear Noodles, Pea Noodles, Naked Oats Noodles, Dried Bean Curd, Yellow Cake, Crisp Soy-beans, Yanggao Dried Apricot, etc. Large amount of local snacks are noodles.
--Some local specialties could be found in those restaurants:
Yonghe Food City
Dongguan Sliced Noodles Restaurant (Yuhe Road)
Lvyuan Restaurant (Yingbin Road)
Laoyemiao Restaurant (No.155 Xinkai Road)
Linlaolao Fengwei Restaurant (No.9 Xinkai Road)
Western food can also be found in Datong city.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
Shopping in Datong:
.What to buy?
As the other tourist cities, Datong has some special local products worth to keep for memory and souvenirs. Datong is connected two provinces—Inner Mongolia and Hebei, it thus be a key center of material collection and distribution among those provinces. Some special local products you can purchase are: Yungang silk dolls, Datong Egg Carvings, Yanggao preserved apricots, artistic porcelain and corn husk plaited articles, etc.
·Where to buy?
Daxi Street and Xiaonan Street are two commercial areas in Datong City; travelers can buy lots of local products in those streets. Other good places to buy souvenirs are:Datong Huayan Temple
Huayu (No.56 Xinjian Road)
Huafeng Baihuo (Daxi Street)
Hualin Department Store (No.28 Xiaonan Street)
Festivals and customs: Yungang & Mt. Hengshan Tourism Festival is held in July or August every year in Datong. During the festival, there are many activities related to Datong culture, such as the exhibition of the local handicrafts and products.


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Datong Introduction
Datong situated in the central of Datong Basin, the northern part of shanxi province. With an area of 2,071 square kilometer and a population of more than 2 million, Datong is an historical and culture city and an important industry base in China.
Datong is surrounded mountains with Yu River Datong Introduction ...

Datong Introduction
Datong Attractions
Datong Tourism Map

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