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Mt. Hengshan

Mt. Hengshan, 62 kilometres south of Datong, is one of the most famous "Five Sacred Mountains (Wu Yue)" in China. The others are Mt.Taishan in Dong Yue (east Chian), Mt.Huashan in Xi Yue (west China), Mt. Hengshan in Nan Yue (south China) and Mt.Songshan in Zhong Yue (middle China).

According to the historical records as early as 4,000 years ago, Emperor Shun toured his northern domain, and was so impressed by the sight of Mt. Hengshan that he proclaimed it the "Bei Yue". The renowned traveler Xu Xiake came to visit the mountain in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and left behind Hengshan-inspired writings.

Mt. Hengshan is famous for its natural sceneries, legendary stories and unimaginable construction. Tianfeng Summit is the highest peak of the mountain. At 2016.8 meters, The steep north slope is covered with verdant pine trees. The south slope is studded by lots of temples where emperors worshipped the Mountain.

There are 30 ancient constructions altogether on Mt. Hengshan. The mountain has been an age-old battleground. Plenty of ancient battlefield relics litter the landscape with passes, fortresses, castles and beacon towers. At the mountain's foot, Hanging Temple hangs on the high cliff hemmed in by a precipice on either side. The other attractions of Mt. Hengshan include Heng Zong Monastery, Sleeping Palace, Kui Xing pavilion, and so on.

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