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With an area of 6,000 square kilometers and a population of 1.41 million, Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is located on the Inner Mongolian plateau 425 kilometers northwest of Beijing. Bordering the Daping Mountains in the north and facing the Dahei River in the south, Hohhot is a beautiful city. In Mongolian, hohhot means “green city”, and it is indeed an green city with vast grassland.
Hohhot is an ancient town, which was founded in 1581 on the proposal of Altan Khan (1507-1582), 17th generation descendent of Genghis Khan, beyond the Great Wall and is now a relatively prosperous and cosmopolitan city that serves as the main entrance point for tours of the grasslands. With the historical and cultural background, Hohhot has many ancient relics, including Wang Zhaojun Tomb, Pagoda of Huayan Temple, Five Pagode Temple, and Great Mosque. Nowadays, there are many ethnic groups living in here such as Mongolian, Hui, Han, and Manchurian.
Hohhot has abundant natural resources, such as coal, graphite, marble stone, pearlite, bentonite, kaolin, limestone, lead and zinc. It is also rich in agricultural and livestock resources such as wool, meat, milk and medicinal herbs. Hohhot is the center of China's wool industries. Besides it, its industries also include machine building, food processing, electronics, chemicals, and construction materials. The chief farm products of Hohhot are beet, flax, tobacco, cooking oil crops, vegetables, milk products, and fresh water fish.  
With good rail, road and air transportation facilities, Hohhot is an important communications hub in the region as well as in northwest China.

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