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Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain), which is located in Huangshan City, the southern part of Anhui Province, has long been regarded as the most beautiful mountain in China. Famous for the splendid natural beauties, Huangshan Mountain has been listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990.

Huangshan Mountain boasts abundant beautiful views and rich natural resources. It has many charming sights including one lake, three falls, twenty ponds, twenty-four streams and seventy-two peaks, with the most famous are the four wonders: picturesque pines, peculiar stones, sea of clouds and hot springs, which has attracted numerous visitors from both home and abroad.

The beautiful Huangshan Mountain had attracted many people since ancient times. The renowned poet Li Bai in Tang dynasty had once visited Huangshan and wrote some poems. Xu Xiake---the most famous traveler and geographer in Ming dynasty and the author of "Xu Xiake Travelogue" had used two of his notebooks to describe the beauty of Mt. Huangshan. See more details of Huangshan

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HS-PH-04. 4 days tour of Mt. Huangshan, Tunxi Ancient Street and Hongcun Village
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HS-PT-02. Huangshan Tunxi Airport -- Hotel in Huangshan City
HS-PT-03. Railway Station -- Huangshan Mountain
HS-PT-04. Railway Station -- Hotel in Huangshan City
HS-PT-05. Huangshan -- Hangzhou city
HS-PT-06. Huangshan -- Shanghai city

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